Tips on how to prevent subsidence

Subsidence is when the ground beneath a building moves downwards. This causes instability on the surface and can cause major damage to buildings. The good news is that subsidence can be prevented. Here are a few tips on how to prevent subsidence:


Trees can cause subsidence due to many factors. It is important to note that when you plant a tree, their roots travel underground. These roots also soak up water, some trees more than others. This loss of moisture in the ground can cause the soil to contract and cause subsidence. It Is wise to choose small trees and shrubs that do not consume large amounts of water. It is also important to hire a professional when removing trees as removing a tree can cause excess moisture that may cause the soil to shift.


You should conduct regular inspections on the drainpipes on your property for blockage or leakage. Clean the leaves and debris from your gutter to prevent overflow of rainwater that could cause subsidence. You should also check your drainpipes for any damage such as splits in the pipe.


Continuously check for cracks in the walls of the building. Watch out for cracks between brickwork or around doors and windows. This isn’t to say that a crack in the wall is always due to subsidence, but it is better to be safe than sorry. It may be easier to spot a subsidence induced crack in the wall if it is evident that the crack is getting wider the further it gets from the floor.