Uretek: Your Problem and our Solution

Ground Engineering

Uretek was established in 1975 in Finland, and since our inception we have flourished into a pioneering ground engineering company. Operating in over 78 countries, Uretek has truly established itself as the worldwide leader in the ground engineering sphere. Our services are fast, economical and long-lasting, giving our clients peace of mind. With Uretek you are in the best hands, no matter your construction problem, we have the strengthening solution.

The Problem:

Your residential home is suffering and in turn, your stress levels are at an all-time high. Having a sunken foundation in your domestic home is undoubtedly traumatic and somewhat terrifying. Immediately you think it is time to find a new home, find emergency alternative accommodation– your mind is racing for a solution! Uretek is here to give you peace of mind. We offer the ultimate solution for your sunken foundation, you can now breathe easy…

The Uretek Solution:

As a pioneering ground engineering company, Uretek has a quick and long-lasting solution for your property. Our deep injection and slab lifting process is able to effectively treat your foundation in a single working day! There is absolutely no need for you to look for alternative accommodation.