Why you should choose URETEK for all ground engineering requirements

URETEK’s ground engineering sector offers services for subsidence and structural support with the use of non-disruptive technology. We aim to provide you with quick and professional services with every project that we complete. Here’s why you should use URETEK for all your ground engineering requirements:


Subsidence is a major concern for the structural integrity of building, roads, homes and other structures. The ground beneath the surface is unpredictable and many factors can cause this ground to shift or compress. URETEK knows exactly what to do to fix these issues. We also have information on the signs of subsidence so that our clients have the information they need to identify subsidence before it’s too late.

Structural support

Structural support is an important engineering requirement that seeks to avoid the deterioration of a structure. URETEK understands the importance of this issue and offers our clients unique structural support solutions for new and existing structures. URETEK will design and construct the solutions to stabilise the foundations of the structure, creating safer spaces in no time at all.

Non-disruptive technology

One of the many reasons to choose URETEK for all your ground engineering requirements is because of our use of non-disruptive technology. Our use of geopolymers is perfect when working in busy areas as the fast-acting technology will have you back to your daily routine in no time! We also work in sections, allowing you to continue your living activities – when working in homes – without limiting your access to certain areas.