Minimal-Disruption – URETEK systems enable customers to continue living in their homes and keep their businesses running during remediation works, saving them time and money.

Fast – URETEK systems are very efficient. The set-up time, injection procedure and curing time are accomplished, in full, in a matter of hours – rather than days or even weeks required for alternatives.

Reliable – Internationally patented URETEK technologies have been proven to work over 30 years’ experience throughout Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

Versatile – URETEK systems allow accurate surface realignment and repair of concrete slabs, by quite simply raising the slab back to the level it should be – and re-supporting it!

Controllable – URETEK systems do not depend on hydraulic pressure to lift. The boundaries of the subsided areas to be raised are readily controlled, so there are fewer chances for slab cracking and breaking.

Structural – Very high lifting power, of up to 40 tonnes per square meter (400 KPa), can be delivered by URETEK technologies.

Architectural – The small number and size of injection holes can allow injection through floor coverings (or along carpet edges) and finishes (including vinyl, tiles and parquetry), where removal may not be practical.

Environment – URETEK products have been classified as environmentally neutral. Coupled with no need for excavation they provide environmentally better solution than traditional underpinning methods.