Our Solutions

Floor Lifting and Ground Engineering

Uretek provide ground engineering services for industrial, commercial and residential concrete floors. We support, raise and re-level your floor through unique slab lifting processes. We expertly implement thorough, quick and economical solutions, all solutions applied with minimum disruption.

Our work is fast and most jobs are completed in one or two days. Your floor slabs remain in place and there is no excavation.

Your industrial and commercial operations continue smoothly while we work. We treat one area at a time to ensure minimum disruption and work in the evenings if necessary. You do not need to stop production or move any machinery/stock.

The Uretek Benefits:

  • No mess
  • No excavation
  • Slab joints are re-aligned
  • Trip hazards eliminated
  • Slab deterioration is quickly arrested
  • Fast, economical and convenient

The Uretek processes are economical, fast and convenient.

See our Sunken Floors case study.

Ground Engineering

It’s quick and there’s no interruption

It’s quick and there’s no interruption

Our services and applications support, raise, and re-level factory floors, walls and machinery bases. All our services are cost-effective and implemented efficiently and with minimum disruption.

You are our number one priority and we work on one area at a time to ensure that you continue with your day to day operations. We work in the evening if this is required.

The Uretek Benefits:

    • Trip hazards are eliminated.
    • No mess, no excavation, no dust and no water.
    • Fill voids, rectify ponding, slab movements and trip hazards outdoors.
    • Heavy machine bases are best treated after installation. This maximises the compaction of downward pressure.

See our Factory case study.

Uretek expert applications support and re-level buildings, from residential buildings to large industrial buildings. These services are implemented timeously and with minimal disruption to operations or residential occupants.

The Uretek Deep Injection solution:

  • Weak foundation ground is strengthened beneath rafts and footings using Uretek deep injection
  • As the ground is improved, the injection continues to close up wall cracks as well as correct the alignment of doors and windows
  • Deep injection is controlled by laser monitoring solutions
  • This accuracy makes this system suitable to structures and historic buildings
  • Most projects can be completed from the outside with this system, therefore occupants need not move out of the building and stock and machinery remains in place
  • This application adds little weight to the foundation ground
      Our Deep Injection applications is the advanced alternative to underpinning and piling. Not only is this service convenient and efficient – it is an economical solution.

For further information, see Insurance Claims.

Economical, fast and convenient

Uretek is proud to have carried out award winning ground engineering work on some of the world’s most important ancient structures, from historical castles and churches to bridges.

The Uretek Difference:

  • Work is done within hours rather than in days
  • No excavation is required
  • No structure alteration (this is especially pertinent in historical buildings)
  • Many ancient buildings have inadequate foundation as well as delicate masonry work, with this in mind, our slab lifting and deep injection processes are the solution.

Support of delicate buildings

We raise, re-level, and support rocking road slabs as well as subsided roads. This work is carried our quickly and economically. Like all of our other work, this is carried out with minimal disturbance.

From suburban streets to major highways, we correct the situation faster.

Benefits of the process:

  • Our slab lifting system requires no excavation – with no mess.
  • Working on a single lane at a time, we ensure minimal disruption to the roadways.
  • To make the process more advantageous we are able to work in between rush hours and in the evening.

Our deep injection process immediately improves bearing strength and strengthens the sub-base of even the most flexible road surfaces. All flexible surfaces are lifted to level effortlessly.

See our Trunk Road Renewal case study.

If you require railway platform, track, yard or bridge repair, Uretek has the expert solution. As an expert ground engineering company we offer a variety of services. We raise, support and re-level sunken track platforms, buildings, weigh bridges and more.

We Ensure:

  • All trip hazards are eliminated
  • Bridge piers are expertly stabilised
  • Smooth rides on tracks and yards are restored
  • No excavation
  • Minimal mess and disruption
  • Work in the evenings if this required
  • Jobs are completed quickly – mostly within a day or two
  • After treatment the area is fully functional
  • Permanent and economical solutions

Economic and minimal disruption

Support, re-levelling and raising of:

  • Airport taxiways
  • Airport runways
  • Airport buildings
  • Airport hangar floors

We save you time and money by implementing our services quickly and with minimum disruption. The slab lifting process that we implement is less disruptive than traditional slab replacement – as well as more economical, long-lasting and cost-effective. All the work required is carried out one area at a time, during low traffic periods or at night. We use the most advanced materials and they reach 90% strength within 15 minutes of implementation, thus your airport operations commence immediately.

Download our Underground Control for Airports brochure (3.3 MB PDF).

Economical, long-lasting, minimal disruption

A variety of on-ground structures are re-supported, raised and re-leveled by the Uretek slab lifting and deep injection processes – quickly, economically, and with minimum disruption.


Less common situations for Uretek remedial treatment include: re-levelling and supporting base slabs for transmission towers and wind farms; base supports for coal loaders, weigh bridges and cranes; solidifying rock-built weirs; raising and supporting sunken lift-well pits; and supporting and levelling wharves, hard-standing, and buildings at seaports.

Fully self-contained Uretek operational units can travel by road, rail or sea.

Uretek work is fast – most jobs are done in a day or two.

Your operations can continue while we’re working – we treat one area at a time and work at night, if required. No excavations are needed, and there is no dust or mess.

Slab deterioration is arrested and support is established quickly and economically.

Water Sealing…

Uretek’s processes are also highly effective as a method of water sealing – for example, to prevent water from leaking into excavations below the water table. The fast curing time of the resins and their hydro-insensitivity makes them ideal for this purpose, and they are particularly suitable for use with secant and contiguous piling.

Economical and quick