Geopolymetric Innovations


Internationally patented solutions for subsidence complications

Our worldwide experience guarantees the highest quality performance and the ultimate results in sunken foundation and soil stabilisation repair. Due to our in-depth experience in subsidence problem solving, our specialised technicians utilise our innovative solutions to provide the best on-site performance, guaranteeing long lasting results.

Support and Re-levelling of slabs and floors

The Uretek slab and floor lifting process is fast, accurate and cost-effective. The ideal remedial solution for the stabilising and re-levelling of sunken concrete slabs. Our specialised applications range from industrial and domestic repairs to airport runways, roads and commercial projects.

Uretek Resin: How it Works

  • Resin is injected in its liquid state through small diameter holes, precisely drilled through the slab.
  • The material immediately expands upwards while gradually lifting the flooring.
  • This process is carefully monitored by laser level.
  • The degree of the lift is controlled through precise operation.


Strengthening of the ground beneath the foundation

We strengthen the ground beneath your foundation by utilising the Uretek deep injection process. This specialised process consolidates the ground and in turn, increases bearing strength. This results in enduring foundation support. This innovative solution is internationally patented and renowned for being a cost-effective and quick-acting alternative to under-pinning and piling.

Uretek Deep Injection Process: How it Works

  • Advanced Uretek resins are injected at varied depths, expanding as it enters the ground
  • This eliminates voids, expels any water that may be present as well as any air that may be present.
  • The ground is strongly compacted around the point of injection.
  • The ground is monitored to the point if reaching full consolidation.
  • Rafted structures (if required) can then be lifted.
  • This system requires no demolition and no excavation with minimal disruption.

Meet The Team

Tony Pappalardo

Managing Director, Marketing
and Sales person at Uretek

P:+27 83 601 1456

Bennie Du Plessis

Operations and Technical
Director at Uretek.

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