What are the signs of subsidence?

Subsidence can cause many problems, but you may be able to reduce the chance of it occurring by identifying the problem early. Subsidence is an unfortunate issue, but thankfully there are a few tell-tale signs that can help you identify the problem and prevent the problem from getting worse. Read about these signs below:


It is important to inspect all the cracks in your yard. The chances are that the crack will not be due to subsidence. However, if you think it may be, there are a few ways for you to tell. A subsidence-caused crack will increase in width the further it is above ground level. The crack will also be seen from both sides of the wall.


Have you noticed any ripples in your wallpaper? Unless you’ve experienced some heavy rainfall and leaks have caused water to run down your walls, these ripples are probably due to subsidence. Ripples caused by subsidence are likely to be noticed near wall and ceiling joints. Keep an eye on your wallpaper and call a professional to come and conduct an analysis.

Warping frames

Warping door and window frames are often due to subsidence. It is easy to notice when your frames are warping as the door or window will stick. Sometimes sticking windows and doors are due to a change from cold to warm weather, but this would be a regular occurrence that you should be aware of. If the warping is a new issue, it could potentially be a subsidence-based factor.